2013 Magical Fiber Weekend at Magical Farms
Elizabeth Taylor & Roo Kline
15 & 16 June 2013
Bear Garden Farms, Capon Bridge WV
Elizabeth Taylor

About Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth got started with alpacas after seeing alpacas at a farm open house and decided to purchase a fiber herd under the name Spotted Circus Alpacas.

She learned her dyeing and carding skills from Roo Kline and became Roo's official teaching assistant in 2011. She hit the ground running with much enthusiasm, and within the first year of operation her fiber business easily paid for the purchase of her alpacas and their feed.

By running an online Etsy store, participating in the Phat Fiber Box, and vending at festivals, she has successfully gained a loyal following of her own products. Elizabeth is very passionate about sharing her love of the soft and fine fiber that is alpaca, and showing people across the US, that american alpacas provide a wonderful luxury good that can be appreciated by all.


Roo Kline

About Roo Kline

A graphic artist by trade, Roo Kline became involved with alpacas in 2006 and shortly after purchasing her own herd in early 2007, the 'Moonwood Farm' fiber studio was launched, gathering a following of spinners and fiber artists who fell in love with her luxuriously handcrafted spinning fibers and supplies. 

Since 2010 Roo has been teaching her personal techniques and style to students, especially those who love and/or raise alpacas.  She teaches at Magical Farms, fiber festivals and alpaca shows, local yarn shops, has been featured on several episodes of The Knit Girllls videocasts, has proudly provided her fiber creations for the students of art yarn teacher Jacey Boggs, writes how-to articles for American Livestock Magazine, and is featured in the 'Mail-Order Dyers' article in the Spring 2013 issue of Spin-Off Magazine.

Elizabeth Taylor and Roo Kline are the co-founders of Alpaca Fiber Solutions.




This is the first time we are offering our very popular 'Magical Fiber Weekend' outside of Ohio!

This weekend is specifically for alpaca owners who are ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS (or Newbies, as we fondly call you) and want to learn how to hand process their fiber for maximum profit.

This consists of two day-long classes, as well as a tour of the farm. Continental breakfast & lunch will be provided both days as well as wine & cheese on the deck in the evening.


PART 1 - Dyeing Class
Saturday 15 June 2013

Do you have fleeces stashed that laugh at you every time you look at them because they KNOW you have no idea what to do with them, and the stash just keeps growing every year? Do you wish that you could take advantage of the prices that the cottage industry will pay for ready to spin fiber? Well, stand tall! There's no need to be afraid of your raw fiber any longer! During this day of the weekend you will learn how to:  

- Wash a fleece 
- Choose which fleeces can be hand processed 
- Choose which fleeces should be mill processed 
- Dye raw alpaca fiber (acid dyes) 
- Dye alpaca roving (acid dyes) 
- Dye bamboo, a popular blending fiber for alpaca (reactive dyes)

Learn our personal studio techniques in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere - and you'll be shocked at how easy it is to do with professional dyes in your own kitchen!

PART 2 - Carding
Sunday 16 June 2013

Dyed alpaca fiber sells for approximately $4-5 per ounce in the cottage industry. By carding that same dyed alpaca fiber into batts with a bit of silk and sparkle, that price increases to $7-9 per ounce. That's incentive to start opening up those bags of raw fleece, isn't it? Using the alpaca fiber that was prepped and dyed during the dyeing class the previous day, Elizabeth will teach students her own studio technique of carding using high quality Strauch drum carders - first the fiber on it's own, then using luxury add ins such as bamboo, milk fiber, silk, and angelina and firestar sparklies. We will cover carding, blending, art batts, and dizzing roving off the drum. At the end of the class you will have beautiful, handcrafted spinning fibers (and a lot of inspiration!) to take home.


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Alpaca Fiber Solutions provides all materials, just bring yourself and your enthusiasm!



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