2013 Camelid Fibre Basic Farm Sorter Workshop
Ruth Elvestad (Olds College, Canada)
proudly presented by Alpaca Fiber Solutions
24 & 25 August 2013
Magical Farms, 5280 Avon Lake Road, Litchfield OH
Ruth Elvestad

About Ruth Elvestad

Ruth has over 35 years’ experience in a broad Canadian base of agriculture, business, government and academic sectors.  She has extensive teaching, curriculum and program development expertise, and has been involved in international trade, import/export of livestock, and international fibre research.

Ruth manages the Natural Fibre Testing Laboratory at Olds College; is a qualified fibre testing technician; a Certified Camelid Fibre Classer; a Certified AOBA Judge; a founding member of the Canadian AgriFibre Network; a Wool Judge; and teaches Fibre Workshops extensively throughout North America.  Ruth owns R&R Alpacas at Olds, Alberta.

(borrowed from the Olds College website)



We could be not more proud to be able to present this class!

This is a basic, intensive, hands-on, two day class of learning about camelid fiber for those who have a desire to learn about fiber preparation prior to sending the it to the co-op, the mill, or offering it for sale through the cottage industry.

The class includes:

1. Introduction to On-Farm Shearing Technique
2. Introduction to Fiber Grades and the Relevance of Grades to Processing and Product Development
3. Reading and Understanding Histograms and Their Relation to Breeding Programs
4. On-Farm Fiber Sorting: Learning to recognize and understand individual fiber characteristics both on and off a camelid
5. On-Farm Skirting: Preparing a Show Fleece
6. Hands-on Skirting and Sorting

This workshop is a prerequisite for the Camelid Fibre Sorter/Classer Certification course for those people interested in acquiring advanced fibre knowledge and becoming certified. We will be asking Ruth to return in 2014 to teach the advanced/certification class.


PLEASE NOTE: Olds College has informed us that unfortunately the basic class through Certified Sorting (Coarse Boards) is not considered a prerequisite to this program and therefore cannot be used as credit. If you have completed the basic class through the Coarse Broads and do not plan to finish your certification through them, you will need to take this class if you want to pursue certification through Olds College instead.


Please bring 3 alpaca fleeces
Ruth will be providing a manual for each student as well as fleece samples that will become part of your sorting kit

Includes lunch on both days
A $25 administration fee will be retained in case of cancellations on or before 31 July, any cancellations on or after 1 August will be non-refundable.

18 (SOLD OUT!)

If you would like us to put you on the waiting list in case of a cancellation, please email us at


Magical Farms
5280 Avon Lake Road
Litchfield, OH 44253
(330) 667-3233

A confirmation email will be sent out to participants with class times, directions to the farm and nearby hotels.

Email us at info@alpacafibersolutions.com
Or call us on (256) 542-8695





We've had several people contact us to ask if they could pay for their workshop in stallments. The answer is YES, we want to make attending this class possible for you! We do ask however, that you have the balance paid in full by May 31st.

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